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"Not Ready to Buy the e-Book? Get Easy FREE Tips Every Week from Jean, the Unemployed & Cooking Queen"

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Proven REDUCED Food Bill!

Cooking for the Newly Unemployed is a 20 page e-book created as a result of yet another lay-off suffered by Jean Norton. Inspired by her mother-in-law, Jean learned a lot of old tried and true cooking techniques and frugal easy recipes long passed. In these days of hustle and bustle, nobody takes the time to cook at home anymore - unless it's something already prepared and stored in the freezer.

She started an old-age tradition in her household - making frugal easy recipes and home-style meals that are very simple to create. There's only one difference - The process has to start earlier in the day. There's not much more work involved, just start your meal at 4 or 5pm and you'll have a delicious, easily prepared dinner by 6pm.

e-Books like these normally go for $14.99 but the price is slashed until Jean actually goes back to work - The price is only $4.99 while Jean is unemployed!


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Here are some testimonials:

"Jean - The first time I made your chicken recipe I thought 'You must be nuts - What, me, touch a raw chicken?' But when my family started talking about how good it was, I knew I made a good purchase."

Sandy H . - Fulshear, TX



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"Not Ready to Buy the e-Book? Get Free Frugal Easy Recipes Every Week from Jean, the Unemployed & Cooking Queen"


"Jean - Thanks so much! I had no idea there were great recipes you could cook for a fraction of the cost!"

Andy N . - Marlin, TX


"Jean - My brother just got laid off - I bought this cookbook for him and now he's amazed that he never new how easy it was to make great meals."

Diana O. - Austin, TX

"I have been privileged to dine at Jean's home on many occasions.  I have yet to be disappointed with one of her meals.  Being unemployed she is careful to make her meals economical yet full of flavor and very enjoyable.  I hope to be invited back to 'Jeans Diner' many more times."
Eileen S - Austin, TX